Our Projects

Royal Antler Wealth

The Family seeks investment opportunities in all areas. The list below is not exhaustive. Please feel free to contact us directly to procure additional details of our current projects.

Hotel construction
Ayia Napa, Cyprus

The construction is already in progress and is expected to be fully operational and ready to commence activities by the summer of the year 2020

Investment in

We strive to see value, differentiate and diversify in all potential areas of investments. A recent investment in Poochy to act as joint partners is a testament to our open-minded investing appetite.

Investment in

Demand for Petrochemicals is surging. Already a major part of the global energy system, the significance of petrochemicals is continuing to grow. They include plastics, antioxidants, fertilisers, packaging, clothing, digital devices, medical equipment, detergents, tires and many others. The Family has private investments in the European Petrochemicals Market and globally.

Investments in
Global Markets

The Family has investments in diversified portfolios comprising various asset classes and different investment strategies. Investments comprise Global Equity, Fixed Income, Hedge Funds and are managed in-house and by external professional advisors.

Investments in
Global Real Estate

The Family invests in Real Estate globally comprising real estate in Europe, Canada, United States, Israel, Russian Federation and other countries/continents.