About Us

Royal Antler Wealth

Royal Antler Wealth Management Limited manages a significant and diversified portfolio over a variety of different asset classes. Royal Antler Wealth Management Limited sole objective is to look after the commercial and private interest of the Family and its Fundamentals serve as the compass in all business investment activities.


Our various portfolios are focused on public market securities, private equity/debt and entrepreneurial investments:

Public Market Portfolio comprising actively managed portfolios and various investment strategies, as well as external fund managers. Based on prior experience, we noted that very few active managers are offering added value in excess of the discretionary fees they charge over the long term, therefore selection process requires thorough due diligence.

Our Entrepreneurial Activities comprising Seed Capital and Venture Capital Investments in various companies with huge growth potential.

Our Private Equity and Debt Activities comprising investments in the Real Estate Sector, Distressed Assets, Petrochemicals and other areas.